Crystal in Nature


Every good superhero has an origin story. So hell, why not Crystal Pisces.  As a little girl I've always loved rocks and minerals. I remember collecting them in a small tackle box, and those were my friends that I would host tea parties and put on shows for. I started Crystal Pisces to bring back that innocent part of myself as well as show the world that it is ok to love rocks, and that it is ok to express yourself through different avenues. Crystal Pisces started in 2021, as a response to loosing a staple man in my life, my older brother. Through his transition I leaned heavily on what is important in life, betting on myself, and cherishing my relationships and bottom line; just LIVING. This new found perspective of life has made me determined to honor him through honoring my talents and God- given gifts. My passion for rocks and minerals runs deep within my soul and spans through lifetimes of research and devotion. Crystal Pisces is more than just another crystal/ rock or mineral business. Crystal Pisces is a way of being, a way of honoring your life through your daily practices and conservation. 



Crystal Pisces is always finding ways to support my community. Currently we have merchandise available at a local wellness center that has many offerings such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, massage, facials and many others. I am constantly building relationships with the many practitioners and clients by offering space to be a teacher but also a student. I also attend local trade shows in my community to connect with a broader market of people. I have met some awesome men and women on this journey and I know that there are many more people that I can help give to.